My Family Roots and Shoots

Fun & Games

Owning a toyshop, the family has become a SELLER of toys, but in the past several generations have enjoyed making them too, and the recipients of the made toys certainly enjoyed playing with them.

Also included, a selection of toys and books various members of the family, still have in their possession (some in picture form only)!

In 1968, a more modern garage was built for Paul, by Father Christmas! I received a hand-built Dolls House, modelled on Nana’s bungalow.

The previous Christmas, Paul received his own Train Engine, and I, a dolls cot.

Wooden Doll, made by Uncle Tom for me c1970.
My Family Roots and Shoots

C’mon England!

William Sanderson, goalie at Malin Bridge school c1923. And Charles Harvey playing for Palace Rangers 1921.

My Family Roots and Shoots

Remembering Brian

‘The Joker in the Pack’

1932 -2021

Brian John Harvey, was born 14th January 1932, to Charles and Winifred Harvey. He was the second of 3 sons and one daughter, and the first family baby to begin his life at 162 Cranford Lane, Heston Hounslow.

Boys at the seaside c1938, Brian (right).

To me he was ‘Uncle Brian’, a renowned joker in the family, with the knack of telling a good story, and also the subject of many a family tale.

Much of his childhood was spent teasing his siblings and exasperating his mother. On one occasion his mum sent him to a local shop to purchase “gun metal” coloured stockings to be worn for a funeral. The shop owner later said when asked the colour, Brian couldn’t remember what his mum had said and asked for “old iron or something like that”. Brian joined the Navy in 1946 aged 15, training at HMS Ganges. During his training he was confirmed into church. This event caused some amusement in the family when his mother remembered proudly announcing to friends at her whist drive that she was off to see her son “circumcised”.

Little sister Cynthia always looked forward to when he came home on leave with stories about the far-flung places he had visited. Also she knew he would take her to the local ice-cream parlour for a “knickerbocker glory” !!

Brian and Joan Wedding 1955

In 1953 Brian’s cousin Doreen introduced him to her workmate, Joan Ewles – both members of a friendly team of assistants at Etam, Hounslow – a well known ladies’ outfitters at the time. In 1955, Brian married Joan at Heston Church. Philip was born 1956, and Christopher 1959.

Brian worked as a Postman after retiring from the Navy. Soon after Chris’s birth, the family moved to Lee-on-Solent, near Gosport. Unable to get a job as a postman there, he ventured into self-employment, and for many years ran a mobile grocery business. These jobs suited Brian’s outgoing friendly and humorous nature. All through his life he looked out for his customers and neighbours, and was actively involved in the local social life with Joan.

Over the years the four Harvey siblings and their families continued to keep in touch from all parts of the world.

A rare sibling get together for Gordon’s 60th Birthday. 1989.

Brian and Joan fostered two further boys, David and Jon, providing a stable, loving family life for them.

The children all grew up. Philip married Jackie, with children Tom and Emma, Chris married Karen, and had children Amy and Daniel. A true family man, Brian was a Great Grandfather several times over by 2021.

In 2020, he became ill, and underwent surgery, recovering quite well – due in part to his positive cheery nature. Unfortunately further surgery, to improve his quality of life following the previous operation, took its toll and he sadly died on June 21st, 2021.

A great loss to his family, but also a great inspiration to all those who knew him and his positivity for life. xxx

Please add your memories or photos of Brian.

My Family Roots and Shoots

My Naughty Little Sister

and the 50th Birthday

My sister celebrates her 50th birthday this year – 2021, but in my eyes she will ever be ‘5 years old’

My Naughty Little Sister!

One of my favourite books as a child, was ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ by Dorothy Edwards, illustrated by Shirley Hughes, and I couldn’t help noticing the similarities. 🤣

A little more than 50 years ago, on a day out to Old Mother Shiptons Cave in Knaresborough, with our Grandparents, I made a wish!

Old Mother Shipton, lived as a reclusive ‘witch’ in a cave in the 1400’s, and was supposed to be a seer. As an attraction, it is also famous for it’s petrifying water and wishing well in her cave. I was instructed to make a wish, but couldn’t decide on whether I should wish for a pet rabbit, or baby sister. In the end I plumped for a sister. Soon after this, my wish came true, when sister Elizabeth Anne, was born in June 1971. We were instructed she was to be called Elizabeth, never Liz, and it was Anne with an ‘e’.

I wasn’t sure I had made the right choice, when I saw the contents of her newborn nappy. She was named as a ‘Witches Daughter’, by her loving siblings. And known as ‘Liz’, by everyone else!

Weighing in at almost 10lbs, she made her presence known, and as the chattiest of the three of us, has always managed to keep the conversations going.

Luckily she inherited her acting skills from her mother, and singing skills from her father, and not the other way around!

As a baby sister, she has also been lucky to receive hand me down clothes and toys.

In 1997, Elizabeth married John, at St Nicholas Church, East Dereham. James was born 2000, and Kate in 2005. They all enjoy life on the high seas.

Liz has always had an affinity with animals!!

Getting involved with the Weatherills, has led to some interesting antics, such as sleeping in a trailer on the side of the motorway in France!

And finally – perhaps she really is a ‘Witches Daughter’!

Happy 50th Birthday Lizzin!

My Family Roots and Shoots

57th Anniversary

04.04.1964 – 04.04.2021

My Family Roots and Shoots

Census Day 2021

21st March

Todays date, is one that will be remembered by historians for years to come.

2021 Census request form

The National census began in 1801 as little more than a head count, it continued in Britain, every ten years except 1941, instead there was the National Register of 1939.

Some pre 1841 censuses are available to research, although the information is very basic. The census’ show us who lived where, family relationships, occupations, and age, and are invaluable in family history research.

They have become more detailed as the years have passed, with some older documents difficult to decipher. This years census, is to be completed online. The ‘Hundred year Rule’ means the public are only able to access the census’ over 100 years old.

Historians are looking forward to the general release of the 1921 census.

My Family Roots and Shoots

Just Arrived!

A belated birthday present, and now out of print. Can’t wait to read it ! The story of the ‘Potteries and Piggeries’

Joseph Lovell Raine Elizabeth Rogers Caroline Lovell

My Family Roots and Shoots

Memories of days gone by

Cynthia remembers her visits to the Harvey Aunties in Chiswick 1940′ and 50’s.

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My Family Roots and Shoots

Nana’s 119th Birthday Today!

7th January 2021 is the 119th Birthday of Nana (also known as Grandma and Granny) Winifred Alice born Tranter, on 7th January 1902, married Charles Harvey.

I am in the process of relating the individual stories of the Maternal line of my ancestry, so for more information, visit;

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