Paginton of Wiltshire

Surnames mentioned Ayliffe – Paginton – Wear – Garlick – Hewlands

Places – Sherston Magna – Luckington- Hullavington – Malmesbury

As with many of the branches of my family tree, they continue to grow. The people in this one began within the Ayliffe page, but now have a page of their own.

Paginton is not a particularly common surname, and my branch seems to be centred in Wiltshire. I was surprised to discover that the name originates from the village of Packington in Leicestershire.

Research for ancestors in this branch of the family, has been complicated by the many ways of spelling the name, such as Pa(d)(ck)(g)(j)(e)in(g)t(o)(a)(i)n.

And so to my particular branch.

Sarah Ann (Ayliffe) and John Harvey.

My great-grandmother Sarah Ann Ayliffe was born to Edwin Ayliffe and Sarah Ann Paginton in Luckington Wiltshire 1863.

Sarah Ann Ayliffe baptism 1863.

From here, research becomes more difficult. Sarah Ann Paginton and brother Thomas were baptised in Luckington, 24th March 1822, her father was John Paginton, and mother Hannah (Weare/ Ware). Other than her baptism reference and marriage record, there is so far no evidence to link Sarah Ann and John Paginton.

Sarah Ann Paginton baptism 1824.
St Mary with St Ethelbert church Luckington. Wikipedia

St Mary with St Ethelbert Church Luckington

Luckington Wikipedia

The family appear to move between the villages of Luckington, Sherston Magna and Hullavington, the market town of Malmesbury, Hilmorton and Goatacre, are also mentioned. All places within a small area in Wiltshire. During the first part of 19th century there appear to be four John Pagintons living in the area, and it is very difficult to work out which is which, it is likely they are related.

The Church of the Holy Cross Sherston.

The Holy Cross Sherston church

More about Sherston here.

John Paginton and Hannah Weare were married at St Mary Magdalene Hullavington 16th September 1819, both stated to be ‘of this Parish’. Thomas Weare and Hannah Gleed were the witnesses.

St Mary’s Church Wikipedia

More about Hullavington here. WIKIPEDIA

Incidentally, the previous entry of marriage in the records on 13 April 1819 was for Richard Paginton and Hannah Fry.

John Paginton and Hannah Weare Marriage.

Hannah Ware, was baptised 16th September 1798, to Thomas and Anne, in Luckington, Wiltshire.

Hannah died on 26th August 1839 aged 39, at home in Luckington. Her husband John a labourer was present. She died of inflammation of the bowels. Her youngest child was 4 years old.

Death registration of Hannah (Weare) Paginton 1839.

As Hannah died before the introduction of the census, and there were several John Pagintons living in the area, it has not been easy to identify the family of John and Hannah Paginton.

Children born to John and Hannah Paginton (from Luckington and Malmesbury parish records). According to the baptism records of children to ‘John and Hannah Paginton’, they lived in Luckington.

Sarah Ann and Thomas both Bapt. 24th March 1822 of Luckington. Labourer. Sarah Ann my ancestor, married Edwin Ayliffe 1842. There was a Thomas living in Hullavington 1841, but this may not be from this family. A Thomas was buried at Luckington 9 May 1858 aged 37 years (therefore dob c1821).

Henry Bapt. 12 September 1824

H/ Ellen Bapt.14 May 1826 baptised ‘to John and Hannah Paginton (abode Malmesbury)’ at Malmesbury. 1841 aged 14 at Sherston Magna with father John and brothers, John and James. Why was she baptised in Malmesbury – Is this child part of this family? Another researcher on ancestry believes so. Married ….Berry

William. Private baptism in Parish church of Luckington, 14th December 1828. Received into the church 21st November 1830 to John and Hannah, John a labourer. (Married Elizabeth Price – 4 June 1858 at Sherston). 1851 born Sherston, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1901. Buried December 3rd 1908.

John Bapt. 21 November 1830. In Malmesbury Union Workhouse with brother Isaac 1841, 1851 living with brother Isaac, both born Sherston. Buried at Luckington 21 May 1877 aged 47 years.

James Bapt. 25 November 1833, buried 26th December aged 1 month, at Luckington. John a labourer.

Isaac Bapt. 17th February 1834, Luckington. John a labourer. In Workhouse with brother John 1841. Living with brother John 1851 born Sherston, 1861 lodger. Buried 25th February 1869. Perhaps James (1) and Isaac were twins owing to baptism dates.

James Bapt. 17 May 1835 at Luckington. (With father 1851, living in Luckington, born Sherston)

There are also children born to ‘John and Maria’ in Hullavington, of Hullavington.

John Bapt. 2 October 1825 to John and Maria of Hullavington, Labourer. Alice Mary Bapt.13 June 1830 to John and Maria Paginton of Hullavington, Labourer Sarah Bapt.31 January 1834 to John and Maria Paginton of Hullavington, Labourer Rosalia (perhaps Caroline) bapt. 1st October 1837 at Hullavington to John and Maria.

In 1851 this John Paginton living in Hullavington with children Sarah Ann, Caroline, and John.

It would appear this John Paginton was buried in Hullavington 6th October 1859 aged 67. (Therefore birth c1792). A John Paginton was baptised to John and Alice Paginton at Malmesbury 1794 (pauper). (Mother and daughter names the same). This is probably the same John Paginton as below.

Whilst searching on ancestry, this reference came up. It is likely to be the John Paginton who married Maria Curtis 1st February 1825 in Nettleton. His prison sentence (one year), appears very harsh for the crime of stealing 5 handkerchiefs to the value of 5 shillings. However the reference to ‘5 years in the marines’ is interesting and needs further investigation. He may have had the option of joining the marines (a company of soldiers on board ship, to help with landing parties), instead of a prison sentence, but this is not clear.

Date of birth according to this record c1796.

John Paginton  Prison Record

Bought in 25th January 1822

Number – 103

Age – 26

Parish – Hullavington

By Whom Committed – Thomas Brooke DD

Crime: Charged upon the oath of John Wiltshire with having stolen from a shop in his dwelling house in the Parish of Tomarton on Tuesday 22nd January  instant, five pocket handkerchiefs of the value of five shillings the property of the said John Wiltshire.

Marks, Stature etc – Brown hair, Grey eyes, long face  fresh complexion, large scar on his forehead, several moles and warts about his shoulders.  Little finger on left hand contracted. Marks on the left hand with Indian ink.


Height – 4’ 3 and ¾”

When Tried and Event of Trial – Lent Assizes, April 3rd 1822 One year in Penitentiary.

When Discharged -April 6th 1822

How Behaved – Orderly

Remarks 5 years in the Marines

See Penitentiary Register.

Below apparent references to my ancestor John Paginton.

1841 John Paginton (Sherston Magna)

1841John Paginton aged 39 an Agricultural labourer, with children, William 10 years, James 4 years and Ellen 14 years, living in Sherston Magna.

1841 John (jr.) and Isaac Paginton, Malmesbury Workhouse

In 1841 John Paginton aged 10 and Isaac aged 8, were in Malmesbury Union Workhouse. I wonder why these two children of John and Hannah were placed here.

Unable to find my ancestor, Sarah Ann Paginton daughter of John born c1822 in the 1841 census.

1851 John 49, was living in Luckington with son James 15, both agricultural labourers. He says he was born at Hullavington, James at Sherston. Next door lived Hannah Ayliffe, (Dash), this was the widow of William Ayliffe and mother of Edwin. She was aged 73, and described as a pauper, Grocers widow, born in Hullavington. Also, her daughter Mary Ann aged 48.

1851 Census John Paginton c1802 Luckington.
1851 census John 19, and Isaac 16, next door but one William Paginton 22. Luckington.

Hannah (Dash) Ayliffe was buried 18 October 1857, aged 80 years. As in descending generations, it may have been that Mary Ann as oldest daughter was expected to remain at home and care for her elderly parents, finally being able to marry after their death.

On April 29th 1858, John Paginton (father of Sarah Ann), married Mary Ann Ayliffe (sister of Edwin, at Luckington. John’s father is given as Thomas, and Mary Ann’s as William, a Grocer.

Marriage of John and Mary Ayliffe 1858.
1861 John Paginton in Luckington.

In 1861, John aged 61, born at Hullavington, Agricultural Labourer.

1871 John Paginton Luckington.

In Luckington John aged 71, born at ‘Goatacre’, a labourer.

John Paginton was buried 24 June 1880, and Mary 27 December 1880 both aged 78 and at Luckington.Burial entries for John Paginton and Mary (Ayliffe) 1880.

A table of ‘John Paginton born c1790 -1810 in Wiltshire’.

Date / Place of Birth/
dob 22 April – bapt. 28 April 1788 Malmesbury (Moravian)7 May 1797
Purton with Braydon
10 August 1794 Malmesbury20 May 1810
Parents Thomas (& Ann Garlick?)Thomas & AnnRichard & BettyJohn & Alice (pauper)Peter & Mary
Place of Marriage
1. 16 Sept 1819 Hullavington
2. 29 April 1858
03 April 1828
Purton/ Braydon
21 Dec 1818
Bradford on Avon
01 Feb 1825
21 Aug 1830
Westport St Mary
Spouse Name1. Hannah Weare
2. Mary Ayliffe
(father Thomas Paginton)
Elizabeth PainterH/Esther BrownMaria CurtisAnn Lewis
Date /
Place of death/ burial
24 June 1880 (78)
23 Oct 1860 (68)
Purton / Braydon
29 Jul 1841
(54) 1787
6 Oct 1859 (67) 1792
Dec qtr 1891
1841 – Abode
Place of Birth
Sherston Magna.
(39) 1802
(William 10
James 6 Ellen 14)
Purton / Braydon
St Paul’s Malmesbury
Hester 40
William Ferebee 20
Thomas Dawells 20
(41) 1810
Wife Ann
Henry 10
Malmesbury Westport
1851 – Abode
Place of Birth
49 (1802)
(James 15)
(52) 1799
Purton/ Braydon (Elizabeth 22 Henry 20 Charles 16 Jane 14 George 11)
60 (1791)
Sarah Ann 17
Caroline 10 Monmouth Chepstow
(John 25 – Elizabeth 23 – James 2)
51 (1810)
(wife Ann 41
Henry 19)
Malmesbury Westport
1861 – Abode
Place of Birth
61 (1800)
N/A51 (1810)
Westport St Mary
(wife Ann 50)
Ag. Lab.
1871 – Abode
Place of Birth
71 (1800)
1881 – Abode
Place of Birth
N/AN/A71 (1810) Malmesbury Westport St Mary (wife Ann 70)
1891 – Abode
Place of Birth
N/AN/A81 (1810)
Westport St Mary
(wife Ann 81)
ChildrenThomas 1821
Sarah Ann 1822
Henry 1824
H/Ellen 1826
William 1828

John 1830
James 1833

Isaac 1834
James 1835
Elizabeth 1831
Henry 1833
Charles 1835
Jane 1837
George 1839
Alice Mary
John 1826
Sarah Ann 1834
Rosalia 1837
Caroline 1841
Henry 1833
Further Info.Probably in prison 1821 – 22.
My Comments.This, I believe to be my ancestor, although no suitable birth/ Baptism record found.Suitable parents names, but birth date too early. This is not my John Paginton, but always appears in search criteria.12 Aug 1843 Mary Paginton burial Hullavington (1811).
Probably the John Paginton born to John & Alice Malmesbury 1794.
Probably the John Paginton born to John & Alice Malmesbury 1794.This is not my John Paginton. Too young to marry 1819, but appears in search criteria.
A table of ‘John Paginton born c1790 -1810 in Wiltshire’.

By creating this table, I surmise, that my ancestor John Paginton was born to Thomas and Ann Paginton in Hullavington sometime after their marriage at Hilmorton in 1798. Place of birth stated as Hullavington in 1851 and 1861 (1871 Goatacre).

The other John Paginton who has confused research, was born at Malmesbury according to the 1851 census (1791), and a baptism in 1794 to John and Alice support this, as does the naming of his first daughter, ‘Alice’. He is also considered to be the ‘John Paginton of Hullavington’, arrested for theft 1821, as my John Paginton appears to be living at Luckington according to the baptism of his children at this time.

And so the next step back, is to discover more of John Pagintons parents. His father we know was Thomas (according to his second marriage record).

According to census entries, 1841, 1851(in Hullavington), he was born 1800: and 1861(in Hullavington), and 1871(born Goatacre), 1802. His burial date supports 1802.

Goatacre is a small village or hamlet north of, and within the Parish of Hilmorton in Wiltshire. A little further from Hullavington/ Luckington than expected but within the general area. Perhaps he was actually born here, but moved to Hullavington at an early age.

In Hullavington an 1841 census entry for Thomas and Ann, seems promising. Thomas and Ann Paginton both aged 65 and born in Wiltshire. (Birth year according to census 1775). Thomas an Agricultural labourer. With them are perhaps two children, Robert 18 and Elizabeth 14.

As the 1841 census rounded ages to the closest 5 years, this would make their dates of birth 1770 – 1780).

1841 census entry Thomas and Ann Paginton in Hullavington.

Another researcher on ancestry has the following marriage entry, which fits with all present information.

Marriage Entry Thomas Paginton and Ann Garlick 1798 at Hilmorton.

Thomas (Pagginton) married Ann Garlick at Hilmorton on 28th September 1798. Thomas of the Parish of Hullavington.

This may explain why John Paginton says he was born at ‘Goatacre’ in 1871, and if Thomas was of Hullavington, then following marriage, Thomas and Ann would set up home there. The mention of this rather obscure place, makes a good link.

A suitable baptism entry brings up Thomas Paginton to Anthony and Sarah at Hullavington on 9th October 1774.

Baptism entry – Thomas Paginton 1774.

Known children baptised to Thomas Paginton and Ann (Garlick) at Hullavington

John c1802 (my ancestor)

Thomas 3 October 1813 (Hullavington)

Mary Anne 2 June 1816

Sarah 23 August 1818

Elizabeth 27 August 1826

Elizabeth 27 September 1835 aged 10 years

Robert 27 September 1835 aged 12 years

Thomas Paginton burial 1st November 1844 aged 76 yrs, at Hullavington. Unfortunately I have so far been able to find a reference to his death at GRO. A Thomas Paginton died AT Malmesbury aged 85. I applied for the certificate, and he was a Thatcher March Qtr. 1845, these details do not match.

A reference in the Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette sheds a little light on Thomas’ death, and the fact that he was a Baptist may add a lead as to where to search further.

Ann Paginton burial at Hullavington 11 February 1849 aged 75 years. The widow of Thomas Paginton, cause of death, ‘Age and Debility’. Sarah Fry was present at the death.

Death entry Ann Paginton 1849.

Ann Garlick was baptized to James Garlick and Hannah his wife (of Goatacre) 13th August 1780 at Hilmorton church.

1780 Baptism of Ann Garlick at Hilmorton.

Lines of descent to research further –

Hannah Weare ( to Thomas and Ann )1798

Thomas Paginton to Anthony and Sarah 1775

Ann Garlick to James and Hannah 1780.

To be continued…

Angela Weatherill

June 2024