Mary Orford c1765-1846

The End of the mtDNA Line?

Mary Orford married Daniel Shepherd at Isleworth on 19th August 1792. They had 8 children, Jane 1794, Henry 1797, James 1799, Elizabeth 1801 (my line), Rebecca 1803, Daniel 1805, Ann 1810, and William 1812. The children were baptised at St Mary Ealing. Daniel was a labourer.

It has not been possible to identify the parents of Mary Orford, and so as yet not possible to get any further back with this mtDNA line.

1841 Census Daniel and Mary Shepherd.

According to the 1841 census, Mary and Daniel Shepherd were both aged 75 and paupers living in the almshouses in High Street, Ealing. As ages were rounded up or down to the closest five years, this would make her birth 1766 (1761-1771).

Mary died 31st March 1846 at Old Brentford, and was buried 5th April at St Mary’s Church Ealing, aged 81, from ‘decay of nature’.

A possible link

Mary Orford married Daniel Shepherd 1792 at Isleworth, Middlesex. They remained in the area.

In 1841 she was 75 (1766), (due to rounding up or down of ages in 1841, birth date 1761-1771). Not born in Middlesex. She died 1846 aged 81. (Year of birth 1765).

I live in Norfolk and recognise Orford an East Anglian name. So I did lots of round the houses searches on Ancestry. I managed to find by a bit of luck, a baby born in the … Lying in Hospital, Holborn.

Isaac Orford bapt 1779 with father Isaac Orford born Bildeston, Suffolk, a carpenter.There were not many , if any other Orfords mentioned in Middlesex at this time, dates were good.So then I did a search of suitable Orford births in Bildeston, and found the following – Isaac Orford bapt 1753 to Isaac.Other children – Mary to Isaac bapt1761It appears Isaac Orford senior married 3 times.So I cannot confirm if this is ‘My’Mary Orford and haven’t followed the line further back, until I can confirm.But it looks promising.