Caroline Lovell

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Caroline’s homeland.

Caroline Lovell, was born on 2nd March 1852 to Elizabeth (Rogers) and Joseph Lovell at the Potteries, Notting Dale. At this time, the area was a notorious slum. Although Caroline was the fifth child of the couple, Elizabeth was just 21 years old when Caroline was born. There were two further children, Charlotte 1854 and John 1857, both died as young children. Caroline’s father died from pneumonia in1858, when she was 6 years old.

This left Elizabeth a widow at the age of 26, to support herself and four children, three other children having died within the previous seven years. In 1861, the family lived at (20) Marys Place, St Mary Abbots, Kensington.

1861 census entry

Elizabeth Lovell aged 30, was a mangler, working in the laundry industry. Her son Joseph aged 14, was a general ?, and daughter Elizabeth aged 13 an ironer, also a laundry employee. Son William was 10 and Caroline 9. Living in a poor household with a mother and older sister in the laundry industry, it is almost certain, that Caroline would have learnt this trade, from a young age.

1871 Census Entry

In 1871 Caroline was living in Stoneleigh Street. She had married Harry Frost in January 1871, who was born in Ipswich. They both say they were aged twenty, although Caroline was still nineteen, they also had a two month old son, also named Harry. As with most of the women in this line, she was pregnant at marriage. Living next door, was sister Elizabeth, who had married George Longhurst. Harry was a bricklayer, and both Caroline and Elizabeth were working as laundresses, even though they had young families to care for.

1881 Census Entry.

Ten years later, in 1881, Harry and Caroline were still living at 64, Stoneleigh Street and their family had grown to include six children. According to the census, Harry 9, and Edgar 10. (The aging of these two seems odd, as Harry is entered as younger than Edgar, the enumerator probably got the ages the wrong way around). Florence 5, Charles 4, Ada 2 and Arthur 11 months. Caroline’s mother, Elizabeth Lovell was also living in the same building, but as a different ‘household’. Both Caroline and her mother were working as laundresses, and Harry was still a bricklayer.

1891 Census entry

By 1891, the family was living at 11 Kenilworth Street. Life was still continuing in the same pattern, her family had now grown to eleven children, with the addition of William 9, Elizabeth 6, Kathline 4, Hetty 2, and Daisy 10 months. Harry was still a bricklayer, so perhaps we can assume he was a steady worker, with a steady income. Caroline does not give herself an occupation, but oldest daughter Florence was now entered as a laundress as was Caroline’s mother, Elizabeth, who was still living with them, aged 69. Although the family was ever increasing, there were now six adults bringing a wage into the house, so hopefully things were improving for the family.

1901 Census Entry

By 1901 the family were still living at 11 Kenilworth Street. But a few changes had taken place. Harry and Caroline had nine children living with them. The two youngest, Walter 9 and James 7, born since the previous census. Edgar, Florence, Arthur and Ada, had married. Caroline’s mother, Elizabeth Lovell, was not living with them either. Although aged 79, she was still very much alive. Alice was entered as a Dressmaker, and years later, Nana was to remember her aunts as ‘beautiful seamstresses.’

1911 Census entry

In 1911, the family were still living at 11 Kenilworth Street. Harry had died in ….., and Caroline was living as a widow aged 58 with four children Henrietta 22, Daisy, 20, Walter 19 a Carman in the GWR and Frederick James, 17, a gardener at St. James Park. Also Granddaughter Ada Caroline Frost aged eleven. Both daughters working in the laundry industry.

Caroline said she had 12 children alive, and two who had died.

Children of Harry Frost and Caroline Lovell

Harry 1871

Edgar born c.1872 married Charlotte Jones 25th December 1900.

Florence Caroline 03.10.1875 – 09.1958 married Frederick John Tranter 29.07.1900

Charles 1878

Ada 1879

Arthur 1880

William 1882 – 1905

Alice Maud 1884

Elizabeth 1886

Rose Caroline (Kathline in 1891 census) 1887

Henrietta 1889

Daisy 1891

Walter 1892

Frederick James 1894

To be continued…….