Maternal Surnames

This is a list of my Maternal ancestors by surname and includes place of birth or habitation. Names and dates of each direct ancestor.

AYLIFFE Luckington, Wiltshire

BRITTON Woolwich Kent c1791

COWDREY Originally from Wiltshire, in London, by 1860’s

DAWSON Stradbroke Suffolk.

FROST  Suffolk, in London by 1870’s

(2) HARVEY (Heston- Fulham- Chelsea – Wiltshire) Cynthia , Charles 1900-1962


LOVELL Middlesex

NEWSON East Anglia

MESSENGER Oxfordshire

ORFORD East Anglia?, in London late 1700’s


PAGINTON Luckington, Wiltshire

PEARCE Oxfordshire

PEARCE Wiltshire

POTTER Hertfordshire/In London by 1850’s

RAINE Buckinghamshire – Middlesex

RIXON Oxfordshire

ROGERS Middlesex

SEARS Oxfordshire

SHEPHERD Middlesex

SQUIRES Hertfordshire

TRANTER Stokenchurch Oxfordshire, in London about 1860’s