John Sanderson of Bradfield

The presumed father of Joshua Sanderson who was born c1684, which is a presumed birthdate, concluded from Hallamshire cutlers records. The actual baptism date of 1694, in Bradfield Parish records, has been taken that it occurred prior to his apprenticeship, and that his childhood baptism was overlooked at the time.

At present, it is impossible to determine when John of Bradfield was born, and who his parents were.

(There are a number of John Sanderson’s baptised in Bradfield in the timescale, and probably others baptised in other local churches, but it is reasonable to assume that at this time, people stuck to their own parishes, and if not, there would be a reference to them being from elsewhere).

John Sanderson’ baptised Bradfield 1600-1650

John Sanderson’ married Bradfield 1640-1700