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This site is a repository for the family history research, collected by members of our family since 1985. Our family history covers numerous locations in Britain and Ireland (as yet we have discovered nothing further afield), with many surnames and occupations.

As we all have two sides to our ancestry, collation has proved a quandery as to the best way of presenting.

We hope it will be a useful resource for anyone researching any of these family lines, villages, cities or occupations

Although the research in this website leads to my personal ancestry and genetics, it has become a detective story, and ‘spiders web’. We have identified and researched hundreds of direct ancestors, and thousands of related individuals, as well as other ‘acquaintances’, who have caught our attention, and so whilst I am the product of my personal ancestry, many of the individuals in my ancestry, are also part of other’s personal histories too.

Sanderson Bradfield and Beyond The paternal line is from the north of England, with (as yet) no lines further south than Northamptonshire, and all converging in the Sheffield area, particularly Bradfield a small village to the North West of Sheffield. One line arrived from Ireland c1840. The London Generations On the other hand, my maternal ancestry all originate from the south of England, particularly Wiltshire. The different branches met up in West London, as they left Wiltshire, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire for what they hoped would be a better life.

On a recent visit to Weston Park Museum in Sheffield, this seems to sum it up !🤣

Light hearted description of my English ancestry.

Having delved into the family story for over 30 years, and in some lines got back as far as 1600, we have discovered no famous or well to do ancestors. We do however have many who were in trade or industry. We like to think it has been ordinary families like ours who have helped to build Britain. In some cases, quite literally, as there are brickmakers and bricklayers listed.

Tranters Grocery Shop Fulham

As we continue to update the pages of this website, with the information we have collected, we hope you find it interesting and useful. Please return to check back. We apologise for any empty or incomplete pages, but trust they will be soon updated.

Our Family Roots and Shoots 2020

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Hello from California!
I am Malcolm Harvey’s granddaughter, I was raised by him and we were very close . This website is amazing. Thank you for creating it . I didn’t get to learn this much about his life but it’s so interesting to me. So thank you!

Thank you for leaving a message on the site and sorry for taking so long to reply. I am so pleased you have found it interesting. I haven’t done so much work on here recently, but will continue to update, as new research is done.
Hope you and the Canadian/ American cousins are keeping well. Have a lovely Christmas x

My name is James Alexander West born in Falkirk Stirlingshire, Scotland. Now living in Edinburgh. Married (in 1969,) to Janet nee Ness from Saltburn North Yorkshire. My father was Percy West born in Scotland in 1913 died 2004 his father as also Percy West born 1885 married to Amy Rowley. His father was Thomas West b 1828 and married to Pricilla Sanderson
Her G G grandfather Jonathan Sanderson lived in Mill Lee Bradfield. ARE WE RETATED?

Hello. I have just been pointed at your website by Leo King. My ancestors were Sandersons originally from Bolsterstone and Bradfield. John Sanderson who married Martha Bramhall was my 5x great grandfather. You have him as died in 1964 and Martha remarrying in 1763 with Joseph Hobson of Ecclesfield. The actual marriage date to Joseph Hobson was 5th July 1767 (i.e. after John’s death). I’m sure just a typo but probably worth correcting. Congratulations on the work you have done and the creation of this website.

Hi Grant, many thanks for your message which I have just discovered. Apologies for the typo/ mistake which I will correct. I get our two ancestors details muddled, as my ancestor Jonathan, I believe was your John Sandersons brother. They married 1748 and 1750 to Bramall women. Then died 1763 (need to check my facts) and 1760, wives remarriage to cutlers within a couple of years.
Guess they both died of cutting related disease.
By the way, do you know if Martha had more children with Joseph Hobson, as Jonathan’s gt grandchildren lived next door and intermarried with a family of Hobsons, wondering if there was a connection.
Best wishes Angela

Dear Jim,
Apologies for not replying sooner, I have only just found your message.

My belief is that we are related. I don’t have my family tree to hand, but I am aware of a Pricilla Sanderson.

You may also be surprised, but I think I have a photo of Thomas West and Pricilla. Someone sent it to me around 2006, but I cannot recall who it was (maybe you?).
I can send a copy if you like, if you would like to send your email (although it is not good quality).

Best wishes (cousin!) Angela
By the way, have you done a dna test. I have through ancestry.

Well well well, there I was searching my family tree and came across a sensus, listing my family at this farm, so I googled the farm and came across all this information. To my surprise.
1851 census.
I will read up properly at a decent time as it is late. By the way I’m in the Midlands.

The Bradfield Workhouse records show that on 21 March 1839 Charlotte Sanderson aged nine was taken by Abraham Jackson”. Two years later, the Census records for 1841 show that Charlotte was employed by this Abraham Jackson as a servant (although he stated that her age was 14 at that time).

In fact, Abraham Jackson was the brother of William Jackson who was my great-great-grandfather and who became a famous surgeon in Sheffield. Their grandfather was actually one of the founders of Bradfield Workhouse and was an Overseer of the Poor there.

My sister Audrey tuckwood passed away yesterday age 90 her dad was horace tuckwood who was killed at work in the wicker at Osborne during the blitz

Thank you, that is very interesting. We have investigated Charlotte Sandersons life further, in the course of trying to pin down our ancestor George Sanderson, her father was also George, and they were living around the same time, it appears there is no close connection.
Have you in your family history research seen a Rebecca Jackson born c1813 in Bradfield? I would be interested in finding out more about her.
Kind regards Angela

Sorry, I don’t have any information about Rebecca Jackson born c1813 in Bradfield. I’m sure that she was not part of my family because we have all the BMDs and other information from 1654 about my family up to the present time. If I come across anything else, I’ll certainly let you know.
Kind regards

Hello my name dawn Barbara tranter,I’m trying to trance my family tree,with some help.
My grand father name is Henry tranter he was born on 30 Dec 1899 died 4 Dec 1987.
His father name was also called Henry tranter he was born 1867.he lived in canary island,he had to move because of the floods there,he moved to Ealing he died there in 1953,he married twice Henry first wife was called Ann gale she was born in Hammersmith in 1845,his second wife was called Ellen she was born in hoxton London,they were sisters so I was told.i was told I was related to James rixon tranter born in 1820 died 1896,his wife name is Eleanor born in 1819 died James rixon would be my great great grand father.
My grand father had a sister called Christine and a brother called George Robert tranter,he had children called Cynthia,Phyllis,Gwen,and George plus twins,don’t know what they were called,if u would like me to give more information I will,thxs dawn.

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