Albert Sanderson

1844 – 1920

Retracing Fore-Fathers Footsteps, Generation 4

Albert Sanderson was born on 20th December 1844 in Low Bradfield, and baptised 10th February 1845 at Bradfield St Nicholas, to Joel Sanderson and Eliza Sanderson. (Birth registration below)

Water colour of Bradfield Church.

Presumably Albert was rather a popular name at this time, following the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840. The name certainly makes research a little easier than trying to follow the George’s, Jonathan’s and Joseph’s of earlier generations.

Joel and Eliza were second cousins (Joel son of George Sanderson 1797, and Eliza daughter of Thomas Sanderson 1800). Albert had two younger sisters, Mary Ann baptised 19th November 1848, and Elizabeth born 1851, and a brother, Alfred who died aged 3 minutes after birth, in 1853. Joel Sanderson was a labourer, and in 1851 was working as a woodman, like his father in law, Thomas.

1851 Census, Joel, Eliza and Albert page 1.
1851 Census, Joel, Eliza and Albert page 2.

By 1861 and at the age of 16, Albert was serving as an Apprentice razor grinder at Greenside, Stannington, to William Bradwell. This is probably where Albert met Elizabeth Dyson, who lived near Greenside.

1861 Census Albert Sanderson

Albert married Elizabeth Dyson at Christ Church, Stannington 1st April 1866. Elizabeth was four years older than Albert, her father was George Dyson c1810, a mason/waller.

Albert Sanderson and Elizabeth Dyson marriage 1866
1871 Census entry Albert Sanderson

By 1871 Albert was not always a Razor Grinder, and at times, worked as a clay miner. Although the work was dangerous, and unfamiliar, with a growing family, there was probably more money in mining than in Razor Grinding. The family were back living at Greenside Stannington.

Children of Albert & Elizabeth baptised at Stannington Christ Church

Christ Church Stannington

Charles Thomas, bapt. 26 August 1866 (less than nine months from parents marriage). At this time, Albert was living at Clough Hall as a grinder. Clough Hall* is an area of Bradfield on the opposite side of the valley from Stannington, and where previous generations of Elizabeth’s Dyson ancestors had operated as cutlers. It seems likely, that he was named ‘Charles’ after Elizabeth’s cousin and ‘Thomas’ after her ‘step father/ uncle’ with whom she grew up.

NB: Baptism record entered as Clod Hall, taken to be misspelling of Clough Hall, but recently discovered there was also a Clod Hall in Stannington.

Elizabeth Ann, bapt. 23 February 1868. Likely named Elizabeth after mother and also Elizabeth Dyson’s aunt who bought her up. Ann after Elizabeth’s cousin. Albert and Elizabeth were living at Stannington, and Albert was a labourer.

George bapt. 17 April 1870 (probably named after Elizabeth’s father George Dyson who had died in 1869). By this time Albert and Elizabeth were living at Oughtibridge and Albert was a miner.

Walter baptised 8 July 1872, Albert and Elizabeth were back in Stannington, Albert still mining. Walter married Joanne Pennock in 1913.

Albert, bapt. 16 October 1873, married Rhoda Ibbotson 1895

Joel born 18th October 1875 (named after Albert’s father?). Died of Broncho – pneumonia and buried 17 February 1876 aged 4 months

Clara, bapt.15 April 1877, married Edwin Barnes and Thomas Goodison. Albert was living with Clara at his death.

Ernest bapt. 6 July 1879,

Vincent 1881 (my Great Grandfather).

Vincent Sanderson 1881-1933

Dyson born 10th September 1883 at Knowle Top, father Albert a Razor Grinder. Dyson died from scarlet fever 10th November, and was buried 11th November 1884 aged 14 months, from Knowle Top, where the family lived.

Alfred born c1885, married Harriet Holland, but sadly died in WW1.

1881 Census entry for Albert Sanderson

By 1891, Albert had given up mining, and gone back to Razor Grinding, some of his sons continued to work in the mining industry.

1891 Census Entry for Albert Sanderson
1901 Census entry for Albert Sanderson
House at Knowle Top (Walter and Joanne) perhaps the Sanderson family home.

Elizabeth Sanderson died (obstruction of the bowel), 18th November 1905 and was buried at Stannington Christ Church aged 64 on 22nd November 1905.

1911 Census Albert Sanderson

By 1911, aged 66 and widowed, Albert was living with his daughter, Clara and her family. For some reason, he is described as having been born at Rochdale in Lancashire. There is no evidence for this and it goes against all other census entries we have for him.

Albert died on 22nd June 1920 aged 75 years, at 58 Norris Road, the home of his daughter Clara. He was buried at Stannington Christ Church 27th June 1920.