Ayliffe & Others

‘A Tale of Country Folk’

Wiltshire Ancestry

Surnames – Ayliffe – Paginton – Dash – Weare – Bell

Places – Wiltshire – Luckington – Sherston Magna – Hullavington

Incidentals – Fulham, Harvey, Weston Chester, Crozier, Antrim.

I am lucky, that many of the surnames in my family tree, are not the most common names in Britain. This usually makes research easier, unless they are common in a localised area, and this is usually where the names originated. Some names, although less common, seem to appear countrywide, others, are pretty much confined to one area.

This holds true of the names of my Wiltshire forebears, who appear to account for a quarter of my ancestry.

My maternal Grandfather Charles Harvey, was born 1901 to John (Junior) Harvey and Sarah Ann Ayliffe in Fulham, both of whom descend from Wiltshire ancestors.

Although I have been aware of the name Harvey, for as long as I can remember, it isn’t a name I have particularly come across in actual people. However, it is considered a widespread name in Britain, and relatively common in hotspots around the country.

Ayliffe on the other hand, is very much a local name to Wiltshire.

John and Sarah Ann were married in Fulham, May 21st 1888, on the marriage record, Sarah Ann gives her father as Edwin Ayliffe.

Marriage entry John Harvey and Sarah Ayliffe 1888 https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

In the scheme of things, reasonably unusual names. On the 1891, 1901 and 1911 censuses, Sarah Ann gives her place of birth as Luckington, Wiltshire.

John Junior Harvey and Sarah Ann (Ayliffe).

It was not too difficult to trace Edwin Ayliffe back to Luckington where the family were well documented. In 1871, Sarah Ann was aged 7, and living with her family, but by 1881, she was neither in Luckington nor Fulham. Ordinarily this would pose a serious problem for geneaological research, but luckily, by using search filters of Sarah Ann Ayliffe born 1863 (+/-2 years) in Luckington, she was discovered easily. Without these less common names, however, it would have been a different matter.

She was aged 18 and living in Weston, Chester, as a domestic servant, to Revd. James Alexander Crozier, born in Antrim Northern Ireland. (Again, an opportunity to get sidetracked, by the family history and relationships of unrelated individuals).

1881 census entry for Sarah Ann Ayliffe. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

There seems to be no reason for Sarah Ann to be living in this household, so far from other known family locations. Perhaps the fact that her family lived next door to the Vicarage at Luckington, meant she came in contact with visiting clergymen, or perhaps Revd. Crozier had held a position at Luckington for a while (no evidence for this yet), however two of his children -Temple E (1873) and Graham (1874) were born in Kensington. Could this be the connection?

John (Junior) Harvey was born in Kensington 18th February 1862, but both of his parents – Stephen Harvey and Jane Cowdrey (another Wiltshire name), were from Wiltshire. Read about them on the Harvey Ancestors page.

Sarah Ann Ayliffe, was born in Luckington Wiltshire, 5th June 1863, to Edwin Ayliffe and Sarah Ann Paginton. (her mother was also born in Luckington), and it is probable that she was named after her. Later in life, her pet name was Sally, perhaps she was given this name as a child. Her mother appears to have been known as ‘Ann’.

Her mother died aged 44, on 24th July 1865, shockingly, she was found dead on a road in Sherston Magna, a village close to Luckington. A coroners inquest, found she had heart disease. Perhaps she had been suffering chest pain and extreme fatigue for some time, or perhaps it came as a complete shock to everyone.

She was buried in Luckington on 28th July, Sarah Ann her youngest daughter was just two years old and was likely bought up by her older sisters, and a sister in law, who lived as part of the family. Edwin did not remarry, and died in 1908. He was also buried in Luckington; on 6th March aged 88.

Luckington parish church (Wikipedia)

Researching in Luckington, has been helped by the fact it is a small village, with a small population, and online records. Many of those in the parish registers have local surnames. Edwin was one of a large family of children, it would seem they may have populated half of the village!

Since researching this branch of the family, it has particularly come to my notice, that different families, in different parts of the country, often choose local forenames. Edwin is a case in point. Although I have noted hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, Edwin has proved a particularly uncommon forename in my ancestry, and rarely, if ever features in my northern roots. However on looking through the families in the Luckington censuses, the name Edwin, shows up frequently. It also features occasionally in my Tranter ancestry of Oxfordshire. Perhaps the reason for this is the Ango Saxon nature of the name. The West Country, having a much stronger Anglo Saxon link, than the north. It made its way to Fulham, when Sarah Ann Ayliffe (Harvey), named one of her sons after her father.

Edwin Ayliffe, Sarah Ann’s father, was baptised at Luckington on 27th August 1820, to William Ayliffe and Hannah (Dash). Hannah was born at Hullavington/ Sherston, Wilts, they married 6th January 1800 at Luckington.

Marriage of William Ayliffe and Hannah Dash. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Children of William Ayliffe & Hannah (Dash)

(baptism dates).

  • Mary Ann 17 October 1802. 1851 living with her mother. Married John Paginton 1858, (this was Sarah Ann’s father.)
  • John 20 November 1803, Must have died before 1807.
  • William 12 January 1806 (1841 with mother Hannah, wife Mary, and daughter Elizabeth / 1851 with wife Mary c1793/ 1861 William Ayliffe, gardner and Mary born Plymouth c1811). In 1867, he married Hannah Palmer, over 30 years his junior. Her father was Thomas. 1871 aged 65, with wife Hannah aged 38 and daughter Mary E aged 1. In 1881, William was a patient in Wilts. County Lunatic asylum, as a ‘lunatic’ aged 74 (labourer). Was this a way of describing Alzheimers/ dementia at that time. His wife (as Hannah Hayliffe) and two daughters, were living close to Edwin . Hannah remarried (William Wilcox) in 1890.
  • John 30 December 1807 (1851 a coachman living in Cheltenham with family, wife Ann a widow by 1861).
  • (Joseph 1808 born Luckington living at Bath 1851 with wife Elizabeth and family. Was this the father of ‘Elizabeth Ayliffe’ visiting William and Mary Ayliffe in Luckington.) Could this Joseph be a son of William and Hannah too?)
  • David 11 January 1810 (living with brother Daniel 1841, 1851 living with wife Ruth). In 1861, David was a patient in Wilts. County Lunatic asylum, aged 48 (labourer).
  • Daniel 14 October 1811 (buried 20 June 1849 aged 36, living at Fairford).
  • Elizabeth 13 February 1814 (married Richard Fry 18 November 1840 at Luckington. Father William Ayliffe, Shopkeeper).
  • James 15 October 1815 (1841 male servant to Curate Thomas Teasdale / 1851 a visitor to Charles Bell aged 73, annuitant, in Sherston Magna. James aged 37, was a carpenter, married, and both Luckington). /1871 carpenter aged 50. with wife Catherine, son Henry and neice Elizabeth Bell, Berkley Gloucestershire.
  • Rachel 13 July 1817 (buried 12 April 1836)
  • Edwin 27 August 1820 (see below)
  • Charles 21 September 1823 wife Selina Elizabeth (Osborne) married 1853 at Dursley, Gloucestershire. 1871, with family at Berkley Gloucestershire, a carpenter.

William was buried in Luckington 30 May 1835 aged 60. This gives a birth date of c1775,

Baptism entry for Edwin Ayliffe 1820. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Edwin Ayliffe and Sarah Ann (Paginton) married 31st October 1842 in Luckington.

Edwin Ayliffe and Sarah Ann Paginton marriage 1842. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Children of Edwin Ayliffe & Sarah Ann (Paginton)

  • Charles baptised 20 August 1843 (married Elizabeth Fletcher at Alderton Wilts. They had a large family, both living with Edwin in 1871)
  • Hannah baptised 5 March 1844
  • Elizabeth baptised 2 May 1846, married Charles Palmer 1868, 1871 living in Coleford Gloucestershire, (Charles was killed c1872, by a runaway horse) (later married Alfred Wilcox), 1881 living next door to Edwin. Edwin living with her 1901.
  • Edwin baptised 10 March 1850
  • Mary Ann baptised 5 August 1854 buried 3 November 1859 aged 4 ).
  • Roseanna baptised 20 July 1856 (NB Rose Ayliffe buried 6 December 1857 aged 5).
  • Isabella baptised 2 August 1857 (buried 18 November 1859 aged 2)
  • William baptised 11 September 1859
  • Alice Mary Sophia baptised 23 June 1861, married a coachman from Badminton House.
  • Sarah Ann baptised 19 July 1863. (see below).
1841 Census Edwin Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

In 1841, aged 20, Edwin was living as an agricultural labourer, at the blacksmith shop in Luckington, (there may be a family connection to the blacksmith shop) and next door to the Rectory and curate Thomas Teasdale.

1851 Census Edwin Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

In 1851 Edwin and Sarah Ann were living at Brookend he was aged 31, and an agricultural labourer, with wife ‘Ann’, and children, Charles, Hannah, Elizabeth and Edwin. They were living next door to the Rectory, the Curate Thomas Teasdale and his family.

1861 Census Edwin Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

In 1861, he was a Farm Bailiff aged 41. Wife Ann aged 39, was said to have been born at Hullavington, as were the four older children. They had children, Charles, Hannah, Elizabeth, Edwin and William.

By the 1871 census, Edwin was a widower. He was living with oldest son Charles, Charles’ wife Elizabeth, and children, William 11, Alice 9 and Sarah Ann 7. Three other boys are entered as ‘sons’, but these are Charles’ sons. Henry 1865, Thomas 1867, and Charles 1869.

Although unfortunate to have lost her mother at such a young age, Sarah Ann appears to be living in a happy supportive family.

1871 page 1 census Edwin Ayliffe. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Living next door was Edwin’s uncle William Ayliffe aged 65, also born at Luckington, and his second wife Hannah 38.

1871 page2 census Edwin Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/
1881 Census page 1 https://www.ancestry.co.uk/
1881 Census page 2 https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

In 1891 Edwin was living with his daughter Elizabeth and son in law, Alfred Wilcox. Also their children, William 16, Mary 12, and Alice 8. Also grandson Thomas Palmer aged 22 (son of daughter Elizabeth).

1891 Census Edwin Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

In 1901, Edwin Ayliffe was living with his daughter Elizabeth, and her family, she had married Alfred Wilcox, a cattle man on the farm. Edwin was 81, and they were all born in Luckington.

1901 page 1 Edwin Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/
1901 page 2 Edwin Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Sarah Ann Paginton was baptised in Luckington 24th March 1822, her father was John Paginton, and mother Hannah (Weare/ Ware). John was born at Hullavington, and was a labourer later living at Luckington. (As yet, unable to determine his precise birthdate). His father was Thomas according to John Paginton second marriage.

John Paginton and Hannah Weare Marriage. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Hannah Ware, baptised 16th September 1798, to Thomas and Anne, in Luckington, Wiltshire.

John Paginton married Hannah Weare on 16th September 1819, in Hullavington, Wiltshire. They were both ‘of Hullavington parish’. Thomas Weare and Hannah Gleed were the witnesses.

Hannah died on 26th August 1839 at home in Luckington. Her husband John was present. She died of inflammation of the bowels.

As Hannah died before the introduction of the census, and there were several John Pagintons living in the area, it has not been easy to identify the family of John and Hannah Paginton.

In 1851 John was living with son James, both agricultural labourers. Next door lived Hannah Ayliffe, (Dash), this was the widow of William Ayliffe and mother of Edwin. She was aged 73, and described as a pauper, Grocers widow, born in Hullavington. Also, her daughter Mary Ann aged 48.

1851 John Paginton – Hannah (Dash) Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

On April 29th 1858, John Paginton (father of Sarah Ann), married Mary Ann Ayliffe (sister of Edwin. John’s father is given as Thomas, and Mary Ann’s as William, a Grocer.

1858 Marriage entry John Paginton and Mary Ann Ayliffe https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Hannah (Dash) Ayliffe was buried 18 October 1857, aged 80 years. As in descending generations, it may have been that Mary Ann as oldest daughter was expected to remain at home and care for her elderly parents, finally being able to marry after their death.

1861 census entry John Paginton and Mary (Ayliffe) https://www.ancestry.co.uk/
1871 census entry John Paginton and Mary (Ayliffe) https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

John Paginton was buried 24 June 1880, and Mary 27 December 1880 both aged 78 and at Luckington.

Burial entries for John Pagintonand Mary (Ayliffe) 1880. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

William Ayliffe was baptized in Luckington to Thomas and Rachel Ayliffe 14th May 1775. Thomas Ayliffe a blacksmith, married Rachel Bell 4 May 1772 in Luckington, witnesses Thomas Robins and Joseph Vizer.

Baptism record of William Ayliffe. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/
Marriage Record, Thomas Ayliffe and Rachel Bell. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/

Ancestors of Sarah Ann Ayliffe

Edwin Ayliffe and Sarah Ann Paginton

William Ayliffe and Hannah Dash

John Paginton and Hannah Ware

Thomas Ayliffe and Rachel Bell

Thomas Dash and Ann

Thomas Paginton


To be continued…..