Joshua Sanderson

Circa 1685

At this stage of the ancestral trail, I am having to work on supposition, using the evidence available. It is never a good idea to accept any researchers information at face value, always check the original information. I hope my suppositions regarding Joshua Sanderson are correct, and a base to build on. I would be delighted to hear of any further information about him.

Joshua Sanderson was born circa 1685 to John Sanderson and baptised in Bradfield church (1693).

He was the ? of ? children. It is believed that he was baptised at the time he became an apprentice cutler, rather than when he was born, perhaps due to an oversight by his parents. Being baptised was usually a condition expected of apprentices.

His mother is unknown, as her name is not recorded in the baptism records. There are several possibilities from the marriage registers. His father was a mason, ‘of Bradfield’ according to the apprenticeship records.

In 1705 (presumably following the completion of his apprenticeship) Joshua married Dorathy Sanderson.

I have so far, been unable to identify Dorathy, or to confirm that her surname really was ‘Sanderson’. Perhaps the vicar entered it as Sanderson by mistake.

Joshua and Dorothy, had 5 children according to Bradfield parish registers, Anne 1706 (to Joshua of Stannington), Mary 1709 (to Joshua of Stannington), William 1714, John 1717 and Jonathan 1720. It appears the family lived at Stannington.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a death record for either Joshua or Dorathy.

to be continued….