Joshua Sanderson

Circa 1684

Retracing Fore-Father’s Footsteps Generation 8

At this stage of the ancestral trail, I am having to work on supposition, using the evidence available. It is never a good idea to accept any researchers information at face value, always check the original information. I hope my suppositions regarding Joshua Sanderson are correct, and a base to build on. I would be delighted to hear of any further information about him.

I had surmised, that Joshua Sanderson was born circa 1685 to (John Sanderson) and baptised in Bradfield church (1693).

With further thought, it appears unlikely that Joshua’s father was John, as his baptism date would probably have been close to his birth date. He didn’t complete his apprenticeship until 1713. Making him too young to marry 1705.

I had suggested that he was baptised at the time he became an apprentice cutler, rather than when he was born, perhaps due to an oversight by his parents. Being baptised was usually a condition expected of apprentices. But this is probably trying to make the evidence fit. His siblings appear to have been baptised soon after birth. Mother is unknown, as her name is not recorded in the baptism records.

So it is back to the drawing board! –

There is no evidence that Joshua was a cutler, so is unlikely he was entered in the Cutlers register.

Below a list of all references to ‘Joshua Sanderson’ with Bradfield connections, in a possible time scale to marry in 1705.

15.09.1670Joshua Sanderson baptised in Bradfield to Josias‘child of Josias’ buried Bradfield 23.12.1670 presumed to be this Joshua.
Wife of Josias buried 02.05.1674.
17.04.1664Joshua Sanderson to Ralph of Middop. QuakerLikely to be the Joshua who married Grace Hague 1701 (Quaker marriage)
11.05.1684Joshua Sanderson baptised in Bradfield to Joseph
21.03.1688Joshua Sanderson baptised in Bradfield to Francis Too young to marry in 1705
11.06.1693Joshua Sanderson baptised in Bradfield to JohnToo young to marry 1705
Hallamshire Cutlers Records.Joshua Sanderson son of Francis, Woral, clo, to Ellor Joseph, Wadsley c, 8, 1702, F1710Probably Joshua Bapt. 1688 to Francis. (above). Did not complete apprenticeship until 1710, too late to marry in 1705.
03.07.1701Joshua Sanderson of Middop. marries Grace Hague (Quaker marriage). Halifax.No.
Likely to be born to Ralph 1664, Quaker.
Hallamshire Cutlers Records.Joshua son of Jonthn. to Slack Saml. Owlrtn. c, F1715Did not complete his apprenticeship until 1715, too late to marry in 1705.
Hallamshire Cutlers Records.Joshua son of — Wharncliffeside, h, to Hudson John, Hobcroft, c, 8, 1739.Did not complete his apprenticeship until 1739, too late to marry in 1705.
Hallamshire Cutlers Records.Joshua son of Jeremiah c, F 1715.Did not complete his apprenticeship until 1715, too late to marry in 1705.
27.01.1705Joshua Sanderson marries Dorathy Hawkesworth
Hallamshire Cutlers Records.Joshua s of John Brdfld, ma to (1) Drabble Ben, Low Ash, cutler, 8.5 1705, (2)Ellor Jos, Wdsly, 3.2 1710 Sanderson Jer. Woral 5m 1713.Probably the Joshua bapt. 1693. Did not complete his apprenticeship until 1713, too late to marry in 1705.
21.11.1740Joshua Sanderson. of Middop. Quaker burial
27.01.1758Joshua Sanderson, son of John of Middop. Quaker burial –
A list of Joshua Sanderson of possible age to marry in 1705.

And so, I surmise that ‘our’ Joshua Sanderson, was baptised to father Joseph Sanderson, 11th May 1684, in Bradfield St Nicholas Church.

In some of my other family lines, Joseph is an incredibly common forename, but luckily, there are not many in the Sanderson line at this time. However proving a link is unlikely to be easy.

Until recently, I had discounted the Quaker Sanderson link in my ancestors, but now it appears I may have been wrong, and need to check back on our research.

On 27th January 1705 Joshua Sanderson married Dorathy Hawkesworth (registers actually give her name as Sanderson. I had been unable to identify Dorathy ‘Sanderson’. Perhaps the vicar entered it as Sanderson by mistake.

Earlier in the same month (1st January) Hannah Sanderson married Clement Pickford in Bradfield church, this can surely be no coincidence and could well help with identification. (Although it may have been the Hannah baptised to John 28/9/1681)

On 17th August 1681, Hannah Sanderson was baptised to Joseph at Bradfield.

(Between 1660 and 1700, there are only 3 baptisms in Bradfield to ‘Joseph Sanderson‘, the third being Sarah – 03.01.1678).

(10.02.2024 Update)

I have for the third time amazingly received help in my family history researches, which has opened up dead-end lines. Never give up on genealogical research, as a simple piece of information, can solve mysteries.

In this case from Richard, who is attempting to create Sanderson pedigrees, particularly from the Sheffield – Bradfield – Penistone areas.

During research at the Borthwick Institute. he discovered the will of George Hawkesworth of Stannington, who gives to his sister ‘Dorathy,’ ‘wife of Joshua Sanderson’ (proved 1707). There can be little doubt then, that Dorathy, would have been born Dorathy Hawkesworth.

It appears that Sanderson and Hawkesworth families, had various marriage and work connections, around this time.

Searching the Parish registers from Bradfield, revealed that the father of Dorathy was Christopher Hawkesworth. Luckily he had a less common fore and surname. He married Grace Green May 28th 1668. No birth/ baptism date found.

The children born to Christopher and Grace Hawkesworth were –

Mary baptised 10 April 1669 (mentioned in George 1707 will, as married to John Do(u)ngworth)

George baptised 12 November 1671 (will 1707)

Henry baptised 30 September 1675

William baptised 13 June 1678 (mentioned in George 1707 will)

Dorathy baptised 11 January 1684 (mentioned in George 1707 will, as married to Joshua Sanderson).

Christopher Hawkesworth was buried at Bradfield St. Nicholas 10 February 1697.

Joshua and Dorothy, had 5 children according to Bradfield parish registers, Anne, born October 15 1706 (to Joshua of Stannington), Mary 1709 no date given, (to Joshua of Stannington), William 1714, born 17 February. John 1717, born 16 February and Jonathan born 6 August, baptised 4 September 1720. It appears the family lived at Stannington.

Unfortunately I have been unable to locate a death record for either our Joshua or Dorathy.

However there is a will for the Joshua Sanderson who married Grace Haigh proved June 1741

written 10 May 1738

He was obviously wealthy.


Daughter Mary married George Gowthwaite

Daughter Elizabeth married Henry Hey

Daughter Hannah unmarried by 1741

Son John mentioned in the Will, but no specific mention of his inheritance, – unless it went without saying!

to be continued….