CWH ‘This is Your Life’ 2001

A light hearted resume of CWH lifestory, to celebrate her 60th birthday in 2001. The original has only been saved on paper, so has been included here as a series of images.

In the Beginning.

Way back, in the mists of time, before church registers, civil registration, censuses and ‘Friends Reunited’ (perhaps in 2021 we should say ‘Facebook’). A motley group of folks got together.

🍎🥬🥕Market Gardeners from the West 🥔🍓 bought their wares of fruit and vegetables.


Gypsies from the East, bought bought that rare commodity, Blood Group ‘B’ 🏺

🎼 Some could sing 🎶

🥺 And others couldn’t! 🙉 🤐

Eventually they settled themselves in Middlesex.

John Harvey and Sarah Ann Ayliffe had a son Charles Harvey, Frederick Tranter and Florence Frost had a daughter Winifred Tranter, and soon these two were married. They made their family and by Royal Appointment, 🍖🍗🥩🥓opened a Butchers shop.