Frosts of Ipswich and Middlesex

Firm Foundations

At the start of our research we soon discovered that Great Grandmother Florence Frost, was born to Harry and Caroline Frost. The family were well documented in censuses, and it was clear we had the correct family by using the personal knowledge we had.

Harry married Caroline Lovell on 8th January 1871, at St Paul’s Church Norland. Her father had died, when she was aged four and she was bought up in extreme poverty by a hard working widowed mother. Her previous ancestors it appears, had also lived in poverty but with questionable social and moral codes.

But it seems her upbringing and choice of a reliable husband, gave the descending family firm foundations. Harry was a bricklayer throughout his working life, as was his father Thomas Henry Frost, his Grandfather Thomas, and other extended male members of the family.

At a time in Britain, when towns and cities were expanding and attracting incomers from the countryside, the increasing need for housing was ever present, and Harry’s bricklaying skills were in demand.

Note:  this is an attempt to place the different  generations in this Frost family - Harry Frost (born c1851) - always known  as 'Harry'. 
His father was baptised as Thomas Henry c1824, but was generally  known as 'Henry'. Thomas Henry had a brother, baptised as 'Thomas' c1827, and known as 'Thomas'. Their father was Thomas born c1796, and known as 'Thomas'.

The 1871 census was taken 3 months after the marriage of Harry and Caroline, they were living in Stoneleigh Street, with their 2 month old son, Harry. Entered as surname ‘Fross’, this entry of a reasonably common surname, could easily be missed during research, perhaps due to a Suffolk accent. They were living next-door to Caroline’s sister Elizabeth, and husband George Longhurst, who also worked in the building trade as a plasterer.

1871 census, Harry and Caroline Frost.

Harry Frost according to the censuses 1861 – 1901, was born c1852 in Ipswich/ Suffolk.

At the 1881 census the family had grown to include 6 children, Harry was still a bricklayer and they were living at 64 Stoneleigh Street. With Caroline’s mother living next door.

1881 census Harry and Florence Frost.

By 1891 the family were living at 11 Kenilworth Road, and the family had grown to 11 children at home, and Caroline’s mother with them too. Harry still a bricklayer.

1891 census Harry and Caroline Frost.

1901 was the last census in which Harry was mentioned, aged 49 still a bricklayer at 11 Kenilworth Road, and nine children at home.

1901 census Harry and Caroline Frost.

Caroline was a widow by the 1911 census. According to the GRO, Harry died 1904 and was registered in the March quarter aged 52 at Kensington.

Harry and Caroline had 14 children.

  • Harry 1871
  • Edgar 1872
  • Florence 1875
  • Charles 1877
  • Arthur 1878
  • Ada 1879
  • William 1882
  • Alice 1885
  • Elizabeth 1886
  • Kathline/ Rose 1887
  • Henrietta 1889
  • Daisy 1891
  • Walter 1892
  • James 1894

So back to his birth, Harry was born 15th November 1851 according to his baptism on 14th June 1857. He was baptised at St Johns Church, Notting Hill, with his two younger sisters, Eleanor born 1854, and Elizabeth 1856, to parents Henry and Dinah.

The first census he appears in was that of 1861.The family were living at 14 St. James Street, Kensington. Harry (Henry) was nine years old, and born Ipswich Suffolk. His three younger sisters, Ellen 6, Elizabeth 4, and Henrietta 3, were all born in Kensington. So the family must have arrived from Ipswich between 1852 and 1855. Harry is described as a scholar, so obviously had an education.

Harry’s parents were Henry Frost and Dinah. (Previous research shows that this was Dinah Dawson). Henry aged 35, also a bricklayer was born in Ipswich (c1824). According to the 1861 census, Dinah was aged 28 (c1833) and born Stackbridge Suffolk. (This was in fact Stradbroke, there is no such place as Stackbridge in Suffolk).

1861 census Frost family in Kensington.

Ten years earlier in 1851, the family were still living in Ipswich. Harry’s father, was named ‘Thomas Henry’, but seems to have been known as Henry. This may also explain why Harry has this pet name, rather than his birth name Henry.

Harry Frost birth

By 1851 Henry had married Dinah Dawson , and they had set up their own home. This was just prior to Harrys birth. Henry aged 28, Dinah 20, and also a daughter (to Henry) Sarah aged 6.

Sarah had been born 30th November 1844 at Mount Street, Ipswich. Her mother was Eliza (Pepper).

Sarah Frost birth.

As Dinah is only 20 and they had only been married within the year, it seems Sarah would be from a previous marriage. Fanny Dawson a lodger aged 22, and staymaker, was Dinah’s sister. Another visitor appears to be Ann Frost aged 2, born Ipswich (unknown relationship as yet).

1851 census Henry Frost.

Thomas ‘Henry’ and Dinah Frost had children

  • Henry 1851
  • Ellen 1854
  • Elizabeth 1856
  • Henrietta 1859
  • Caroline 1863
  • Dinah 1867
  • (May 1887) Granddaughter

In 1871, Henry and Dinah were living at 33 Dartmoor Street, Chelsea, with their four daughters and lodger, Henry Powell also a bricklayer. Henry Frost, or the enumerator have given his place of birth as Norwich, Norfolk instead of Ipswich Suffolk.

1871 census Henry and Dinah Frost.

In 1881, Henry was home with two daughters, Caroline and Dinah.

1881 Henry Frost

Whilst Dinah was working as a monthly nurse to Alice Brewis, caring for her and her newborn baby in Paddington.

1881 Dinah Frost
1891 Census, Henry and Dinah Frost.

By 1891, Henry and Dinah were living with their four year old ‘daughter’ May. As Henry was 69 and Dinah 61, it seems unlikely that they would have such a young daughter. Could May be a Granddaughter?

Perhaps this is her registration at the GRO

GRO Reference: 1885  J Quarter in KENSINGTON  Volume 01A  Page 152
1901 census Henry and Dinah.

In 1901, Henry was 80, and Dinah 73, living at 124 St Ann’s Road, Kensington. Dinah died late 1908.

Back in 1841, the Frost family were at Kirton, a village between Felixstowe and Ipswich. Thomas aged 45, wife Sarah aged 39, with sons, Henry 18, Thomas 8 and Edward 5. Thomas occupation is difficult to make out, but with our prior knowledge, the enumerator appears to have abbreviated ‘Brick Layer’. The whole family were born in Suffolk.

1841 census Thomas Frost family.

In 1851, the family were living at 22 Mount Street, Ipswich. Thomas aged 54, Sarah 50, and sons George 18 and Edward 14. Thomas, George and Edward all Bricklayers, were born in Ipswich, Sarah in Wickham Market.

1851 census Thomas Frost.

In 1861, Thomas aged 64, Sarah aged 61 and Sarah aged 16, with Granddaughter Sarah, (daughter to Henry born 1844), were living at 137.5 Dial Place, Ipswich.

1861 census Thomas and Sarah Frost.

By 1871 Sarah, had died, and Thomas was a 75 year old widower, with his Grandson Samuel Crawford and family at 3, Mount Street, Ipswich.Thomas was still a bricklayer.

1871 census Thomas Frost

The last census in which Thomas Frost appears, is the 1881, he is a pauper inmate at Ipswich Workhouse, a widower aged 85, with occupation entered as Bricklayer, born Ipswich.

1881 Census Thomas Frost.

Thomas died7th May 1886 aged 90 at Ipswich Union Workhouse. He was buried on 10th May in Ipswich Cemetery, with the funeral at Ipswich St Peter.

St Mary Elms Church.

Thomas Frost had married Sarah Newson (born 1799/1800), at St Mary Elms Ipswich 4th July 1820.

NameThomas Frost
Marriage Date4 Jul 1820
Marriage PlaceSt Mary Elms,Ipswich,Suffolk,England
SpouseSarah Newson
FHL Film Number918505
Marriage od Thomas Frost and Sarah Newson.q

Children of Thomas and Sarah Frost

  • Elizabeth Mary Ann bapt. 16 September 1821 St Mary Tower. Married Edward Simonds. ( Cousin Daniel Frost with her 1851).
  • Thomas Henry bapt. St Mary Elms 21 July 1824
  • Thomas born 30 August and bapt. 2 September 1833, St Mary Elms. Married Emma Irons.
  • Frederic born 14 November, bapt. 21 December 1829 St Mary Elms.
  • George born 10 November 1834, bapt 3 January 1836.
  • Edward 1838