Photo and Video Gallery

These first two videos are not the same, but the same heading photo has been used on both.

The Family A Lighthearted selection of family photos and videos, in a sideshow. 1960 – 2010.

David Sanderson and Cynthia Harvey Wedding Heston 04. 04.1964

Wedding Cine film, David and Cynthia 4th April 1964. Heston Church, followed by Hilliers Restaurant.

Family Cine films taken in Malta 1967-1970

Apologies for the poor quality, the films are old, (the date stamp, is the date they were digitised).

Family Cine Film & Photos 1970 – 1980

Family Cine Films and Photos 1980 – 1987

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Tranter Gallery.

Family Toys and Games.