Lee of Long Buckby

My second ancestor, with no documented father, was Mary Ann Lee, my gt gt gt Grandmother, born 1816 in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, to Elizabeth Lee. She was baptised at Long Buckby on 18th October 1816. The vicar described her as ‘base born’ leaving no doubt that she was illegitimate.

Baptism of Mary Ann Lee.

She was born 25 years before national censuses were introduced, and 21 years before civil registration began, so information which could be gleaned from birth or marriage certificates is non existent.

Further investigation revealed another illegitimate child born to Elizabeth Lee in 1811. Although Elizabeth Lee, was a reasonably common name, it seems likely that she was the mother of both John Line and Mary Ann.

John Line Lee was born 6th June, and baptised August 26th 1811 at Long Buckby.

Baptism of John Line Lee.

Mary Ann married Thomas Darlow 31st December 1835. The Darlows were a local family, of Brickmakers, with something of a reputation.

The Darlows have been extremely well researched, through a distant relative, discovered in the course of our research.

1841 Census entry.
  • The 1841 census of Long Buckby, shows Mary Ann Darlow, aged 20 with three children, William 4, Ann 2 and Thomas aged 4 months. Husband Thomas Darlow is not at home. Unknown where he was at this time.
  • Next door were Elizabeth Baucutt widow, aged 43, with three children, David 11, Lewis 8 and Harriet 6.
  • This appears to be Mary Ann’s mother (Elizabeth Lee). She married Alfred Baucutt on 23rd August 1824 in Long Buckby. Elizabeth was stated to be a single woman.
Marriage entry for Elizabeth Lee and Alfred Baucutt.
1851 Census Entry for Thomas and Mary Ann Darlow.
  • 1851 Thomas and Mary Ann Darlow, and five children, were living in Aston, Birmingham. Ann 12, Eliza 8, George 4, Thomas 2, Harriet 1 month. (It appears that the older Thomas from 1841, had died).
  • Elizabeth Baucutt aged 57, was still living in Long Buckby with children, Lewis, Harriet and grandson William Darlow.
1851 census Elizabeth Baucutt.
  • In 1861 Census, Elizabeth Baucutt was 66, with children, Lewis and Harriet (a pauper invalid).
  • Mary and Thomas Darlow had moved on to Sheffield, with their family of six children, where they became settled.
1861 census Elizabeth Baucutt.
1861 Mary Ann Darlow census in Sheffield.
  • In 1871, Thomas and sons were brickmakers in Sheffield.
1871 census entry.
  • In 1881 Thomas Darlow was a Beer House Keeper.
1881 census.