Bramall of Bradfield

There are many Sanderson – Bramall connections in Bradfield. In 1750 these connections became part of my ancestry, when Jonathan Sanderson married Mary Bramall.

Bramall is a local surname, which many will have heard of in the name of Bramall Lane in Sheffield, the home of Sheffield United Football Club.

There are a number of possible spellings of the name, particularly in early parish records, as spellings were not regularised.

BRAMALL, BRAMAL, BRAMHALL also BRAMWELL the name is considered to originate from the village of Bramhall in Greater Manchester.

Mary Bramhall was from a respectable Bradfield family, and baptised 26 December 1731, to Joseph Bramhall and Martha Hawkesworth. (The Hawkesworth’s were another respected and ancient Bradfield family), both Bramhall and Hawkesworth research has helped to confirm family relationships.

NB – Joseph Bramal, son of Edward, yeoman, Bradfield – to Joshua Drabble, Low Ash, cutler 8 (years) 1710, Freedom 1718.

From ‘List of Apprentices and Freemen, History of the Cutlers Company’

14.02.1722 Joseph Bramall marries Martha Hawkesworth at Bradfield. (where did this date come from?)

There are two entries in Bradfield marriage registers as suitable marriages for Joseph Bramall, some researchers have Mary’s parents as Joseph Bramall who married Hannah Ibbotson at Bradfield 4 February 1722. I discount this, as that Joseph was ‘of the Chappelry of Ecclesfield’.