My Family Roots and Shoots

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These days almost everyone has a camera on a phone, and our lives can easily be recorded in images for posterity.

This wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t long ago that the majority of families did not own a camera of any description.

Luckily ours did, and Dad was quite a keen photographer. He even developed some of his own photographs in a home made darkroom.

We were also lucky to own a cine camera, and so our childhood was documented.

Even so, neither camera nor cine camera were on hand at all times, so having a photo taken was a novelty, and watching back our cine films, was a particularly special event. A white sheet was hung on the wall, lights switched off, while Dad sorted out the 3 minute films onto the projector.

No sound of course except the whirring of the projector.

We have added 2 new video links onto the Photos and Videos page, ( through YouTube).

David and Cynthia wedding at Heston 1964

‘The Family’ a slideshow collection of photos and video 1960 -2010