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Census Day 2021

21st March

Todays date, is one that will be remembered by historians for years to come.

2021 Census request form

The National census began in 1801 as little more than a head count, it continued in Britain, every ten years except 1941, instead there was the National Register of 1939.

Some pre 1841 censuses are available to research, although the information is very basic. The census’ show us who lived where, family relationships, occupations, and age, and are invaluable in family history research.

They have become more detailed as the years have passed, with some older documents difficult to decipher. This years census, is to be completed online. The ‘Hundred year Rule’ means the public are only able to access the census’ over 100 years old.

Historians are looking forward to the general release of the 1921 census.