Family Occupations

As humans, we spend most of our time at work, in past times, the hours were longer, we started work at an earlier age, and with no pensions, worked as long as possible. It is no surprise then, that our occupations shaped our lives. Different areas of the country have different indigineous occupations. In Bradfield, the paternal line began as farmers, then moving into the cutlery and edge tool trade, later mining joined the list. As the local population moved into Sheffield, the occupations became more industrialised.

My maternal ancestors come from various locations in the south of England, and were involved in the local occupations. On moving into London, they had to find new ways of making a living, and adapting to a different way of life.

Most of the occupations listed below were ‘male’, but often they were operating as family businesses, and the wife would also have been involved.

In more recent times a choice of occupations have become open to us.

ARMY – William Dawson 1787-1837 Stradbroke Suffolk/

BASKET MAKER- Daniel Harvey 1806/ Stephen Harvey 1828

BRICKLAYER – Harry Frost 1852- Ipswich-Hammersmith /

BRICKMAKER – Joseph Lovell Raine 1825-1857 Kensington/ George Darlow 1847 – Long Buckby-Sheffield / Thomas Darlow 1814 – Long Buckby – Sheffield/

CHAIRMAKER – Tranter – Stokenchurch

CLOTHIER (Woollen Cloth Dealer) – Hinchliffe

COSTERMONGER John Harvey 1862

CUTLER Hallamshire Cutlers Records

FARMER – Ibbotson of Bradfield

GROOM – John Potter

LAUNDRESS – Elizabeth Rogers, Caroline Lovell


MOTOR MECHANIC- William Sanderson

MINER – Albert Sanderson, Vincent Sanderson

MINE MANAGER Vincent Sanderson

RAF – Sanderson

SHOEMAKER – Barkers of Sheffield

SHOPKEEPER – TOY & HOBBY Sanderson, Harrison


SHOPKEEPER – GROCER – Tranter, Harvey

STONEMASON John Sanderson c1650

TALLOW CHANDLER (Candlemaker) James Tranter

TRAM DRIVER George Gillott

WHEELWRIGHT (Maker of wooden wheels) Peter Priestley

WOODSMAN Thomas Sanderson