DNA, Blood Groups and other Traits

As family history becomes more popular, so does having a dna test, to see if we can link up with unknown relatives. Whilst in geneaology, it is really just a bit of fun, it can also be very useful.

Like Father, like son – deciding on the next course of action.

Although I took a DNA test in early 2019, it has given me a list of several hundred others who share DNA with me, but it hasn’t particularly flagged up any dramatic discovery.

One interesting piece of inheritance, is that my mother has Blood Group ‘B’, which is quite unusual. None of the rest of us have this blood group. It would be interesting to know, which part of her ancestry, she has inherited this from.

We three children, have also inherited, slightly darker skin from her (not particularly noticeable generally), but we do not burn like Dad who has fair skin. We have also inherited her thicker hair.

Left handedness seems to be rather prevalent in this family. With MDS (my father), being left handed, as was ‘Joe’ Jeffrey Weatherill (my father in law). All three of my sons are left handed, but daughter is right handed.

To be continued….